The Beaux Arts Ball is proud to be a partner of the City of Perth Winter Arts Season.

Gold sponsor:

Silver sponsors:



Bronze sponsors:





We are currently seeking sponsors for the Beaux Arts Ball. Packages are as follows:

  • Platinum – only one available. $10,000 minimum. Largest logo placement on posters, flyers, postcards, emails, website and inside cover of book. Six double passes to the Arts Ball, 10 copies of the Book. “Naming rights” or “Presented By” negotiable at extra cost.
  • Gold – Up to ten available. $4000 minimum. Medium logo placement on posters, flyers postcards, website and book. Three double passes to the Arts Ball, 4 copies of the Book.
  • Silver – Up to ten available. $2500 minimum. Small logo placement on posters, website and book. One double pass to the Arts Ball, two copies of the Book.
  • Bronze – Unlimited available. $1000 minimum. Small logo placement on website and book. Single ticket to the Arts Ball. This can also include In-Kind.

To discuss if the Beaux Arts Ball is a good match for your business, contact Marcela at Think Quick Marketing or As you can see from our Panel and Entertainment, this will be an event of the highest quality. Luxury brands would be most suitable for the demographic that will be in attendance.

VJzoo also ran the Byte Me Festival in 2007, which was aimed at attracting people into the digital media field. This time we want to run something with broader appeal, which could hopefully become a regular event on the Perth Arts and Social calendars.

We’re encouraging artists to find their own Partners too. If you’re an official Living Work of Art, then perhaps you could find a makeup artist, a hair stylist, a designer or boutique, to collaborate with you on your entry?

They will get a  link on the website and a credit in the book if you are accepted as a Living Work of Art, and perhaps it could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Not every business will be appropriate for the Beaux Arts Ball. For example, if we have a proposed sponsor who is in direct competition with an existing sponsor, we would not accept the new sponsor unless the existing one agreed to the arrangement.