The styling for the inaugural Beaux Arts Ball is that of an authentic Jazz Age costumed Artists Ball.

The Dress Code is “formal, semi-formal, Avant Garde or vintage 20’s/30’s”.

Basically that could include anything that you would wear to a formal wedding if you want to keep it simple, eg dinner suit and white tie, or a long dress. Or you can really get into the theme and look to stars like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers for inspiration.

Our only real request would be that dress length should be below the knee, and no jeans or other casual wear.

If you really want to go all out, even if you are not an official Living Work of Art (see artists page) you can still access our film screenings and workshops to help you create a costume that is fitting for true Beaux Arts Ball style. Follow us on Facebook for details of where and when these workshops will be held.

Also you are very welcome to email us for advice – 🙂