The Book

As artists ourselves, we’re often asked to perform at community events. “It will be great exposure” they say. And then often we’re not mentioned on the poster, at the event or even in their social networking.

Given that sort of experience, we’re making sure that we build-in the crediting of artists and all others who contribute to the event from the very beginning.

Every Living Work of Art will be photographed and appear with a list of credits, both on the website and in a book that will be produced after the event. We are hoping that this book will become a directory of Perth’s brightest artists, designers, hair stylists, milliners, costumiers, makeup artists, models, etc.

As we’re unlikely to have the money to produce an actual run of the Book, it will be print-on-demand, and we will keep the price as low as possible. We might be able to do a free iPad version too.

We will have photographers at the event, and a condition of entry is that we have authority to photograph you and use these images on the website, book and for publicity of the event. You can use the images for your own folio, website or other self-promotion, we will provide them to you at high resolution. Only a credit to the photographer and event is required.

Please note: If you are a model represented by an Agency, this requirement might prevent you being involved. Please seek the advice of your Agency before applying to be a Living Work of Art.